Speaker at Ireland Southwest College Expose

Presented a talk to College Students about basic animation principles, animation techniques and soft skills that are useful in the industry. I also got to meet some other very friendly game developers in the process! I came away very inspired by all both the current and budding talent.

Wood Elves Announced!

We just went live with our new Total War Warhammer DLC that I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into for the last few months! Here it is in all of its trailer glory:


11 Sec Club WIP

Here’s a WIP of an acting piece I’ve been working on. You might recognize the clip from the June 11 second club! I did enter but I didn’t manage to get it 100% finished on time, so I’ve been continuing to work on it.



Personal Work

Here’s an update on a short piece of acting animation work I’ve been doing in my spare time.